What is Love?

This is a 23 minit Family Oriented Cable show I created in 2004 asking people in Ashland Oregon the question....

What is Love?


Healing with Love

Dr. Leonard Laskow talks about his expierience of transforming Cancer with Love.



Its Ok to be You!

A beautiful Sharing with Aluna Joy Yaxk'in from my Sedona travels in 2004




We will Raise The Circle.... "With Love"

A Beautiful Music Video With Stephen Rousch, Freedom and Al Torre

I Filmed and Recorded this in 2007 at Jackson Wellsprings in Ashland Oregon.

I was sitting in a small a frame I built above the audience using two cameras,

What a magical moment in time indeed!



Barbara Marx Hubbard

An amazing 55 min sharing with Barbara Marx Hubbard

I filmed this with her in 2006.... It will touch you in many ways...Enjoy!



Gate 1 of 9

Part 1 of a film I started in 2005




Gary Zukov

Part of a Sharing with Gary Zukov I filmed in 2006




A sharing I filmed with Gangaji in 2005 speaking on

Purpose and Truth!

Boy howdy did I really benefit from hearing and remembering this!




Mark Vicente Creator of "What the Bleep"

A clip with Mark Vicente in Ashland Oregon 2006 on Changing the World.



Jean Claude Koven

A sharing I filmed with Jean Claude in 2005

speaking on 8 Densities..... Wowza....



Blue Star "Vibrational Intention"

A short video of me playing flute in My Magical Garden in

Roberts Creek, BC Canada 2010


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